Lead Removal At A Glance

Lead has been a problem for almost three decades – but not anymore. Like asbestos, its use is slowly but surely getting phased out. Healthier alternatives are now used to manufacture domestic products and other substance that peg on lead. There is however a huge problem. Toys and a wide range of domestic products manufactured in the 60s onwards have lead – a lot of it. Paint used for commercial and residential premises back then had lead. One can therefore easily think he is safe from lead exposure while he has breathing it all along. That is precisely where lead paint removal service providers come into the picture.

What they do

The name says it all. Lead removal service providers mainly test for identify traces of mold. They then use advanced and high tech process to get rid of mold. They scrub just a small amount of paint off your wall or furniture for lab testing and analysis to find out how much lead you could be exposing yourself to. The last phase always involves undertaking the right lead removal technique depending on how much lead your premises had.

Your walls and lead

Lead was mainly used to manufacture paint in the 80s. That is why homeowners living in homes built and painted back then or even earlier are always encouraged to consider lead removal service providers. One the best lead removal process is referred to as ‘layering’ it involves painting an extra coat on your wall to keep off the lead based paint and prevent its effects from taking a toll on you and your loved one.

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