Health Risks Of Asbestos In Residential Homes At A Glance

Asbestos is defined as a natural mineral that is mined in different parts of the world. This fibrous mineral is very risky in our homes particularly if exposed to human beings. Actually, it is advisable not to touch asbestos in our home if they are found.

One of the risks associated with the asbestos in the dusty component produced if they are interfered with. In many cases, the threat posed by the asbestos is inherent to human being if the material is damaged or is in a detrimental state. For instance, if the cement walls are properly coated with paints, they do not pose any harm to human health. This only applies when the wall’s coatings are not dilapidated. Else, there are adverse health problems associated with the asbestos such as lung cancer, intestinal cancer, and asthma (source:

Visual inspection of the materials in home is encouraged in order to safeguard human life. There are several considerations that are put in place while deciding whether to work with or remove materials with asbestos from our homes:

  • •Evaluate whether the materials are damaged on undamaged
  • Understand different alternatives or removing asbestos materials such as sealing and painting
  • Ensure you are complying with the laws on safe procedures of working with asbestos

It is always important to remember the following points when working with asbestos:

  • You must not use power tools
  • You must not use abrasive discs
  • You must avoid compressed air
  • You must avoid high pressure hoses

Finally, it is crucial to use a licensed professional while removing asbestos since the risks associated with handling these materials are much greater.

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